I always love to report my clients’ success stories, because I feel it is my way to praise their dedication and effort to do whatever it is necessary to get their house sold. And believe me, this is not easy task. We all know that moving is one of the most stressful experiences one can endure, and selling your own home can really be emotionally painful for some.

When I met S. and S. for an initial consultation back in May they were open to any suggestion I had to offer. They wanted to move on with their lives, and most of all, they were ready to emotionally detach themselves from their home. We walked together through the house, talking and creating a staging plan. Although they already packed some of their belongings, there were still many accessories we could use. My goal is always to try to use my clients’ accessories first, and then either rent or buy the things that are not available.

This is how the dining room looked at the time of the consultation and after the staging:

How to stage a dining room

While these photos show better how the living room looked before and after:

How to stage a living room

We rearranged the furniture and minimized the number of accessories in order to have the buyer focus on the beautiful view from the big window in the living room. We neutralized the color palette allowing just a few splashes of red do their “job”.

Here’s the master bedroom before and after:

How to stage a master bedroom

My clients did work a lot (and I really mean a lot) to prepare their house for the market, but eventually it paid off. They sold it in only three days for the asking price! As for myself, when S. called me and said that she was already in Arizona looking for her new home, well, she made my day.

Home staging tip: “Put the right attitude (hard work, sentimental detachment and positive thinking) into staging your home. It does pay off!”

PS: Listing by Maria Danieli

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