Designing a modern reception desk

  When I was asked to redesign the lobby of Run Studios, a digital media production company based in Kirkland WA, I started to look around for a modern reception desk, a task that I thought would have been quite easy, considering the many alternatives you can find online nowadays. However, to my surprise, that […]

Staging adjacent rooms

Staging adjacent rooms is tricky because you have to make sure that the style and colors flow properly from one space into the other. In this case I used light blue as the main accent color for the sofa in the living room and for some accessories in the dining room. For more information about this listing contact […]

The 30 lobbies project

A few months ago, Rick, a real estate agent I’m working with who has now become a friend of mine, calls me and asks: “Would you be interested in redecorating the 30 lobbies of the condo complex where I live?” “Yeah, sure!” is my immediate answer, convinced that “30” must actually be “3”. And so we go on talking about what he needs […]

Show me the contrast!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my job, it’s that contrast is sometimes more important than color. Take this master bathroom for example: the overall color scheme was very neutral and light. For this reason I purposely introduced some dark brown elements such as towels, decorative boxes, candles, art, etc. As you can see […]

Let the light in

Natural light is something granted for many, but for us Seattlelites it is life support. Which is why the first thing I did when I staged this master bedroom was to let the natural light in. I removed the valances, which not only gave an outdated look, but also partially kept the light from coming […]

The slipcover trick

  You can’t really see it in the “before” photo, however the loveseat original color was (a quite faded) blue, very close to the blue used to paint the side of the fireplace. Since we really needed to create a seating area but couldn’t afford to rent new furniture, my client and I decided to […]