Mismatching chairs? Yes and… no

Dining room

Drag the arrow left and right to see the before and after image Home staging tip: I’m sure that by looking at these two photos you’ll see many differences, the paint color (once baby blue, now a neutral off white), the art on the walls, less clutter and different furniture. And that’s exactly what today’s […]

Window treatments and home staging

Dining room

  This house sold in 13 days for $4,000 over asking price Home staging tip: Window treatments are usually not necessary when you stage a home. Installing the hardware damages the wall, much more than hanging some art, therefore we always try to avoid that, unless it is specifically requested by the client. However, sometimes it […]

What’s the rule about cutlery in home staging?

Dining room with warm colors

  This house sold in 8 days for $32,000 over asking price Home staging tip: What’s the rule about cutlery in home staging? The rule is very simple: don’t use any, especially forks and knives. I know it may seem a stretch and, honestly, quite a creepy explanation, however, cutlery can be used as a weapon against realtors. […]

Rugs, dining tables and rules

Narrow kitchen

  Home staging tip: If you decide to use a rug under the table in the dining room, make sure it is big enough to allow the chair to be pulled out. Do that by adding about 20 inches to the size of the table. Home staging by Francesca Tosolini Furniture and accessories by Staging and […]

Making room in the dining room

Decorative wall rings

  Home staging tip: Yes, buffets are a great addition to dining rooms, but if space is limited they should be stored (people love walking around tables!). The same concept is also true for plant racks: if they take too much space, but most importantly if they block the view or distract from looking outside, then they […]

If your sports equipment is in the formal dining room…

  Home staging tip: This obviously is a no-brainer, if your sports equipment is in the formal dining room it clearly has to go. Rooms should always be presented according to their original purpose, and if that is not possible then it is better to leave them empty. Home staging consultation by Francesca Tosolini Listing […]