Virtual staging of a bedroom in three different styles

Industrial final virtual staging

In one of my previous articles, I talked about how virtual staging not only makes it possible to replace real furniture with virtual one but also how it can modify some structural features of an interior. In today’s article, I will talk about how virtual staging can be used to furnish a room using different […]

Selling a house and giving up some furniture in the process

Main bedroom

  Home staging tip: We all know that selling a house is no picnic, especially if you have been living in it for many years. Besides the emotional stress, homeowners have to deal with packing, decluttering, cleaning, fixing, painting and so on. It is a long to-do list, and many times it’s a list that sellers […]

Mixing and matching styles in home staging

Main bedroom staged

  Home staging tip: When you stage an occupied home, it often happens that you need to add some of your own accessories to the seller’s decor. My goal as a home stager is to always try to use the seller’s possessions first (I want my clients to save some money whenever it is possible!) and […]

Those ugly lamp cords…

Turquoise bedroom

  This condo sold in 36 hours for $50,000 over asking price Home staging tip: Lamp cords are one of the worst nightmares for home stagers. They are ugly but obviously necessary, and many times it is simply impossible to hide them regardless of our best efforts. However, there is one thing that you can do […]

Staging trick for the master bed

Bedroom in Seattle

  Home staging tip: If you have to stage a small condo that has limited access, consider using 4 twin size boxsprings for the master bed and a puffy king size bedspread on top of it. Compared to a queen or king size mattress and box spring, they are much easier to haul and they fit better […]

A little home stager secret

  This house sold in 6 days for $71,000 over asking price Home staging tip: Staging and de-staging a home is like moving in and out of a new house within a few days (at least in today’s market). Not many people realize that the job of a home stager involves a lot of packing and […]