It looks like the layered rug trend is here to stay. And for a good reason since it’s a creative but also practical way to pull a room together. It’s creative because it’s a way of mixing different patterns and textures that still work well together. It’s practical because it solves some design problems related to the layout of a room.

Floor Plans

Floorplan of an office with layered rugs ✔️

Take this office for example. In this case the layout is actually pretty simple, but the way the furniture is arranged makes it hard to decide how to place the rug(s). Should you use only one big rug that covers the whole floor? Or two rugs, one for the desk and the other for the seating area? To start with, the easiest solution is to digitally render the layout creating a floor plan populated with furniture and accessories that can be easily moved around with just a click of the mouse. This allows you to “play” with the design elements until you find the most appealing solution.

Concept Boards

Concept board of a pink and beige office

While floor plans are useful to finalize the right placement of the rugs (and other items within a room), concept boards are a useful tool to understand if the patterns and colors chosen coordinate well together. In the example above, not only you can see how the design, texture and colors of the three rugs work together, but also how they relate to the other elements in the room, that is the furniture, paint color, light fixtures, etc.

3D renderings

3D rendering of a modern pink office

Adding a 3D rendering to the design process completes the visual aid and really helps get a feeling of the whole room. In this case, the 3D rendering not only shows how the three rugs would work together, but it also offers an immersive experience in the space itself. This way, it is easier to understand if an idea will work or not. Beside, it helps save time and money before the implementation of the design.

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