Using digital technology to “play around” with layered rugs

Concept board of a pink and beige office

It looks like the layered rug trend is here to stay. And for a good reason since it’s a creative but also practical way to pull a room together. It’s creative because it’s a way of mixing different patterns and textures that still work well together. It’s practical because it solves some design problems related […]

One of the biggest selling points? The hardwood floor.

After showing you how color can change the perception of a space, I want to share with you how the hall I just blogged about in my previous post looked the first time I visited my client’s house. The seller was an antique collector and, as you can see from the photo, he loved to […]

Rugs can shrink a space

The layout that you see in the photo (dining room connected to the living room) is very standard. Every time that you have one room flowing into another it is important that both spaces have elements that tie them in. In this case the two rugs didn’t have much in common, since they had two […]

Giving thanks to my dear agents: thank you Maria!

Rugs made of animal skin may be offensive to some people to the point that they won’t consider your house just because of that. It is safer to store them to create a “morally neutral” environment. For this house, we also decided to keep the furniture to a minimum and to remove the flag to […]

Giving thanks to my dear agents: thank you Chris and Jay!

This living room has great architectural features, however, you cannot really focus on them because the huge rug is too distracting (besides hiding a big portion of the hardwood floor, which is an important selling point). By removing the rug and replacing it with a more neutral and smaller one, now you can really appreciate […]