Using digital technology to “play around” with layered rugs

Concept board of a pink and beige office

It looks like the layered rug trend is here to stay. And for a good reason since it’s a creative but also practical way to pull a room together. It’s creative because it’s a way of mixing different patterns and textures that still work well together. It’s practical because it solves some design problems related […]

Redesigning a Microsoft office

Decoratively speaking, offices usually are very boring places. This is why my goal was to inject some sparkle into this office, and although I was happy to receive total creative freedom, I was also worried because I didn’t know the person who was working here: he was out of town and we wanted to surprise […]

The redesign of RUN Studios

What more can an interior decorator ask for, if not a team of enthusiastic, young and creative people as clients? RUN Studios is exactly this: a vibrant motion graphics and video production company, who sought my help in remodeling a section of their office, due to their recent expansion into the adjacent building. We teamed up […]