Home staging in Sammamish WA


Most of the times, when you enter into a house, you either walk into a foyer or a seating area. Sometimes though, like in this case, what you find in front of you is a dining room. When I first saw this room, as an outsider (remember this is what home stagers are: they act like potential buyers and tell you what they notice, good and bad) I immediately felt that something was out of place: there was too much room at the left and right of the table.

This is why we decided to have the table follow the length of the room. Besides we added a vase to the sticks in order to spread them out and fill more space, rather than having them squeezed in a corner. Two of the chairs where needed somewhere else, this is why we decided to keep open the side of the table facing the door: in home staging things don’t have to be perfect, but good enough to provide a good impression.

Home staging tip: “The length of the furniture should follow the length of the room to properly balance the space”.

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