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Having worked as a home stager for more than a decade now and having seen firsthand how the simple transformation of an interior captures the attention and interest of buyers, I can only say that home staging works and it is a smart investment.

Entering an empty house gives a completely different feeling than entering a well-furnished and welcoming home. However, is it really necessary to stage all the rooms in a house? I don’t think so. Don’t get me wrong, if the budget allows it, staging the whole house is a great idea, but most of the time it becomes too expensive and often unnecessary.

So how should secondary rooms be presented? The options are two: either leave them empty or virtually stage them. Virtual staging doesn’t only mean furnishing a room with digital furniture, it also means modifying the space to show its potential even at a structural level.

The room above, for example, had some very nice and distinctive features. As part of a Seattle house built at the beginning of the last century, it featured two areas divided by a slightly ornate arch that made the room truly unique. The owner had just changed the color of the walls by painting them a nice and calming green, but the carpet, he said, would have remained.

Using one of the photos taken during the consultation, I managed to show not only how the room could be used by removing the existing furniture and replacing it with new one, but also how it could look once the carpet was replaced with some nice wooden flooring which, in my opinion, would have made it look more modern and attractive in the eyes of the buyer.

This solution not only cost much less than traditional staging but also than a renovation. Removing the carpet and refinishing the floor would have cost hundreds of dollars. However, with virtual staging, not only you can help the buyer visualize a room and see its potential, but you can also help the seller save some money.

This solution also helps real estate agents be on the cutting edge with the latest technology and the most innovative marketing methods.

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