Virtual staging versus traditional home staging: what’s the difference?

Bedroom with green decor

Last month, I was invited to contribute to an article by Inspection Support Network (INS), where real estate professionals shared their knowledge about staging tips to increase your home’s value. INS is a company that makes software-based tools and solutions for residential, insurance and commercial property inspections. In the article, I was asked to answer the question: “What […]

5 virtual staging mistakes (and how to fix them)

Virtual staging mistake 5a

A few weeks ago a newsletter landed in my inbox. You know, one of those newsletters that give you a summary of the real estate market in your area. So, I opened it and I saw the photos of a condo for sale in a building I’m pretty familiar with.  The 1 bedroom, 1 den […]

Traditional staging versus virtual staging

Virtual staging of a family room

Home staging is no longer a new term in the real estate field. Everyone knows what it is. Used for years now, traditional home staging still continues to help selling houses faster and for more money. Traditional staging is the art of transforming a room (or an entire property) thanks to the use of furniture, […]

This is how virtual staging can help you save some money

Virtual staging of a bedroom

Click and drag the arrow left and right to see the before and after image Having worked as a home stager for more than a decade now and having seen firsthand how the simple transformation of an interior captures the attention and interest of buyers, I can only say that home staging works and it […]