Let the light in

Natural light is something granted for many, but for us Seattlelites it is life support. Which is why the first thing I did when I staged this master bedroom was to let the natural light in. I removed the valances, which not only gave an outdated look, but also partially kept the light from coming […]

The slipcover trick

  You can’t really see it in the “before” photo, however the loveseat original color was (a quite faded) blue, very close to the blue used to paint the side of the fireplace. Since we really needed to create a seating area but couldn’t afford to rent new furniture, my client and I decided to […]

It all starts with a photo

  This post is not really about staging, it rather is about the importance of hiring a good professional photographer when it comes to sell your home. Selling a house involves a team of people: the seller, the agent, the stager and the photographer (plus other people, if we want). I’ve seen too many times […]

Storing the storage

  I know, there’s isn’t a huge difference in this before and after sequence, however, the reason why I decided to post these pictures is to talk about the storage. Do you see the small cabinet with baskets on the left of the china cabinet? Well, that’s the guy I’m referring to, and more precisely […]

Staging a bedroom with a “Fluffy touch”

  As you can see from the “before” photo, my clients used to use this bedroom as an office. After bringing the room back to its original purpose, we also staged it accordingly. We removed the blue, dark curtains to brighten up the space and added a childlike touch (a.k.a. Fluffy the dog) to the […]

It’s all about feelings

  Even though “It’s all about feelings” really sounds like a love song, I picked this title by thinking at the reaction one can get by looking at these two before and after photos. It’s unquestionable that the feeling you get from the two images above triggers two completely different responses: chaos and stress the […]