A few months ago, Rick, a real estate agent I’m working with who has now become a friend of mine, calls me and asks: “Would you be interested in redecorating the 30 lobbies of the condo complex where I live?” “Yeah, sure!” is my immediate answer, convinced that “30” must actually be “3”. And so we go on talking about what he needs and other specifics for the project, when I finally say “Rick, when do you need the lobbies to be completed? You said three right?” And sure enough he goes: “No, no, it’s 30 lobbies”. So, after brilliantly overcoming a very light panic attack, I started the biggest project of my career as an interior decorator. Now it is officially done and I’m sharing it with you.

Here’s a glimpse of the transformation:

Building E before and after- Creating Interiors

The color for the walls is Kalamazoo by C2 Paint while the accessories come from Wayfair.com.

Lobby before and after- Creating Interiors

The lobbies differ in size, some are very small while others are quite big.

Before and after of a lobby- Creating Interiors

Rick wanted to add some warmth and color, while keeping the style pretty classic. These are some of the ideas I came up with:

Mood boards- Creating Interiors

The final result is a combination of different elements that Rick and his team have taken here and there from the mood boards I’ve created. And it looks fantastic.

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