Staged dining room


I know, there’s isn’t a huge difference in this before and after sequence, however, the reason why I decided to post these pictures is to talk about the storage. Do you see the small cabinet with baskets on the left of the china cabinet? Well, that’s the guy I’m referring to, and more precisely to the impression it can give to potential buyers. And here’s why: if buyers see that you have extra storage furniture around the house, especially if placed in a way where it doesn’t belong (that is: china cabinet in a dining room? Totally fine. A small storage cabinet right next to it? Out of place) they wonder if your house is big enough to contain all of your (and their) stuff. That’s why you need to pay attention to the function of your furnishing and the way it is placed in your house.

Home staging tip: “Too much storage furniture may give the impression that your house is not big enough. If possible, remove it”.

Listing by Maria Danieli

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