Microsoft office redesign

Decoratively speaking, offices usually are very boring places. This is why my goal was to inject some sparkle into this office, and although I was happy to receive total creative freedom, I was also worried because I didn’t know the person who was working here: he was out of town and we wanted to surprise him!

With a budget of $500 I had to reinvent the space, making sure to keep the most important things and trying to find a reasonable (meaning not expensive) way to introduce new things without compromising function and good design. I opted for a very energizing color, orange, and a neutral modern gray to balance it, with pops of lime green to complete the color scheme.

Redesign of a Microsoft office

I also focused on the brightness of the place by adding three points of lights (two pendants and one funky floor lamp). New white chairs replaced the old ones and a modern floral panel replaced the old boring blind.

As you can see finally, for once, I got rid of neutral colors to embrace strong and happy colors. Call it the “home stager revenge”, but I surely had a lot of fun. Besides, when C. came back from his trip, he was thrilled by the look of his new office. Luckily it turned out orange was his favorite color.

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