Home staging in Fall City WA

Rugs made of animal skin may be offensive to some people to the point that they won’t consider your house just because of that. It is safer to store them to create a “morally neutral” environment. For this house, we also decided to keep the furniture to a minimum and to remove the flag to additionally neutralize the entry.

Maria Danieli is the queen of the acreage properties. A horse rider herself, she specializes in equestrian properties and country estates. But she is also the queen of marketing, since she always focuses on the best way to market each and every property she lists with the help of top-notch photographers and quality print publications. You feel immediately at ease with her, besides… she has an Italian heritage too! Grazie Maria, Happy Thanksgiving!

Home staging tip: “Don’t use rugs made of animal skin. Some people may consider them offensive”.

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