The piano dilemma

  Home staging tip: “Although pianos are an excellent decorative element, it often happens that houses do not have the space suitable for them. The result is a room crammed with furniture and with little flow. If the seller doesn’t use the piano on a daily basis and can live without it for a few […]

One of the biggest selling points? The hardwood floor.

After showing you how color can change the perception of a space, I want to share with you how the hall I just blogged about in my previous post looked the first time I visited my client’s house. The seller was an antique collector and, as you can see from the photo, he loved to […]

How color can transform a space

This is a house that I staged a couple of years ago. A beautiful home with an amazing layout. Although neutral, white wasn’t really working for this place, it was just too cold and “anonymous”. This is why we decided to introduce a warmer color and chose Amulet AF-365 by Benjamin Moore among the many […]

Giving thanks to my dear agents: thank you Maria!

Rugs made of animal skin may be offensive to some people to the point that they won’t consider your house just because of that. It is safer to store them to create a “morally neutral” environment. For this house, we also decided to keep the furniture to a minimum and to remove the flag to […]