Home staging tip: Home staging problems are opportunities, solve them with creativity.
By now everybody knows what a home stager is and does, but only a few people know that sometimes stagers need to be very creative in order to solve some (decorative) problems. If you look at the “after” photo above, you may notice that there’s something missing (and if you don’t notice it, that means that I’ve done a pretty darn good job). What? There’s no towel on the towel ring. I don’t quite remember the dynamics behind this decision, but I do know that many times we stagers need to make some adjustments even though we have planned to bring all the necessary items for the job. No towel? No problem. By placing a tall plant in the corner, I was able to divert the attention from this detail (besides to avoid having visitors use the bathroom and dry their hands on my staging inventory…).

Home staging by Francesca Tosolini
Photos by Francesca Tosolini

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