How to quickly stage a bathroom: a tip for home stagers.

Home staging of a bathroom

  This condo sold in 36 hours for $50,000 over asking price Home staging tip: Either you are a home stager or a real estate agent looking for a way to save time when it comes to staging a bathroom, consider collecting some color-coordinated accessories (towels, art, shower curtain, etc.) into plastic bins to have ready […]

What’s missing?

  Home staging tip: Home staging problems are opportunities, solve them with creativity. By now everybody knows what a home stager is and does, but only a few people know that sometimes stagers need to be very creative in order to solve some (decorative) problems. If you look at the “after” photo above, you may […]

Staging a bathroom

  Home staging tip: “Shower curtains don’t only have a practical function, but they also decorate. They are small investment that makes a big difference in the presentation of a bathroom”. Listing by Jonathan Jones Home staging by Francesca Tosolini Professional photography by Francesca Tosolini