This is another home staging success story because this house had 5 offers within 36 hours! The photos below show the family room, which is a crucial room because it is where families spend most of their time. This is why it needs to be very appealing and functional.

This is how this room looked like at the time of the consultation and after the staging:

Staging a family room in Redmond WA

As you can see, the furniture was arranged in a way that was certainly convenient for the home owner, however from a selling point of view it was not working and for many reasons: the sofa was blocking the access to the room; you could see its large back (and it’s better not to see the back of large pieces of furniture); there were too many pieces scattered around (distracting); the main focal point (the fireplace wall) wasn’t highlighted enough, and so on.

So, this is what we decided to do:

-We removed the valances (to allow more light, give a more updated look and especially to highlight the fireplace wall= focal point).

-We placed the sofa in a way that it was facing the yard outside and a wall where the buyer could visualize a flat screen TV (remember: buyers wonder where the TV is going to be).

-We stored the big entertainment center.

-But most of all, we improved the room’s flow.

Here’s the same room from a different angle:

Staging a family room in Redmond WA

For this project, the home owner decided to rent some accessories from my inventory to provide a more complete look. The rug, the mirror, the greenery by the blue chair, the red throw and the iron flower above the fireplace are mine. However, I always try to use my client’s items first, and then add my own accessories whereas I think it is really necessary (in this example: the red throw adds color, the mirror reflects the trees outside, the rug ties the room together, etc.).

Home staging tip: “Sometimes it is better to store big pieces of furniture to make room”.

PS: Listing by Rick McGuire


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