I think I did this staging, or better, redesign since I used the seller’s furniture and accessories, 5 years B.I. (Before iPhone) and I still remember the family who used to live in this house. They were incredibly nice, their son even sent me a poem that he wrote himself, just like this, out of kindness.  This is definitely one of the benefits of being a home stager…

Home staging in Redmond WA


The photo above shows the bonus room they had right off a beautiful sunroom (whose French doors you can see on the left). The reason why I’m showing this example has to do with the concept of moving things around. Do you see the two red chairs? Aren’t they gorgeous and don’t they look great in the photo? Well, if you look at the after photo, you can see that eventually I decided to “sacrifice” them. Why? Partially because they were blocking the access to the sunroom (and you could see their tall back coming from it), but most importantly because we needed them somewhere else, that is in place of the 2 floral chairs, which are not as dramatic as the red ones (yellow as the wall, they kind of blend in with their background) .

Home staging in Redmond WA

Home staging tip: “Don’t be afraid to move furniture around. Decide where it is most needed”

PS: Listing by Maria Danieli

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