Neutral colors for a bedroom

You probably already know that one of the main rules of home staging is to neutralize as much as you can. And this is not just about depersonalizing your home, for example by removing your very personal items like photos, but it also refers to color. Neutral colors are appealing to the vast majority of people, which is why they are our first choice when we stage a house.  People react to color, and especially to bold colors. While sometimes the reaction is positive, some other times it can be negative, and it could really turn down the buyer. First, they will remember your house as the one with horrible colors (even though you love them), second, in case they still consider your house, they already know in advance that they will need to repaint. And this translate into money to spend in a time consuming job, and, as a result…. your house gets a lower “score” in their mind.

Here’s an example of a bedroom which had (fortunately) only one wall painted in purple. As you can see I also suggested to move the bed against the adjacent wall in order to give access to the window (but that’s another post…).  Now, back to the color issue, don’t you think that by switching from purple to off white the room looks more appealing, brighter and, most importantly, is more likely to please the eye? And I mean any eye.

Home staging tip: “Choose neutral colors for the walls”.

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