5 virtual staging mistakes (and how to fix them)

Virtual staging mistake 5a

A few weeks ago a newsletter landed in my inbox. You know, one of those newsletters that give you a summary of the real estate market in your area. So, I opened it and I saw the photos of a condo for sale in a building I’m pretty familiar with.  The 1 bedroom, 1 den […]

Traditional staging versus virtual staging

Virtual staging of a family room

Home staging is no longer a new term in the real estate field. Everyone knows what it is. Used for years now, traditional home staging still continues to help selling houses faster and for more money. Traditional staging is the art of transforming a room (or an entire property) thanks to the use of furniture, […]

Virtual staging beyond real estate

Virtual staging of a living room

When you hear the word “staging” you immediately think of a house for sale and, in fact, this is not wrong. Home staging is the winning weapon for many real estate agents who want to sell their listings faster and for more money. I’m mainly talking about traditional staging that has existed for decades now. […]

Virtual staging of a bedroom in three different styles

Industrial final virtual staging

In one of my previous articles, I talked about how virtual staging not only makes it possible to replace real furniture with virtual one but also how it can modify some structural features of an interior. In today’s article, I will talk about how virtual staging can be used to furnish a room using different […]