The 30 lobbies project

A few months ago, Rick, a real estate agent I’m working with who has now become a friend of mine, calls me and asks: “Would you be interested in redecorating the 30 lobbies of the condo complex where I live?” “Yeah, sure!” is my immediate answer, convinced that “30” must actually be “3”. And so we go on talking about what he needs […]

A deep and warm gray: Sparrow by Benjamin Moore

My “gray saga” continues with a color that I love and always recommend to my clients: Sparrow AF-720 by Benjamin Moore. It is a super warm brownish gray with middle value. My client used it in her master bedroom (see photo above) and then decided to use it also in her family room since she […]

A classic gray you cannot go wrong with

So, you have decided you want to give gray a chance, but you are too scared to pick the wrong one. What if it is too dull? Or worse… cold? That was me last year, but then I found (and tried) the perfect classic warm gray: Revere Pewter HC-172 by Benjamin Moore. See the photo […]

Yellow warms you up (especially in Seattle)

  I remember when I first visited this house: the work was already in progress and the agent needed my help choosing the right color for this living room. I recommended this creamy yellow to warm up the space, especially considering that the sunlight is not a frequent visitor in the Northwest… Besides, I read […]

Framing a window with color

This is a clear example of how color can create contrast and consequently can enhance a design feature. Look at the window that is placed right in the middle of the wall. White light next to a white wall goes almost unnoticed. But if you take the same white light and you frame it with […]

How color can transform a space

This is a house that I staged a couple of years ago. A beautiful home with an amazing layout. Although neutral, white wasn’t really working for this place, it was just too cold and “anonymous”. This is why we decided to introduce a warmer color and chose Amulet AF-365 by Benjamin Moore among the many […]