Staging a family room in Redmond WA

This is probably the smallest family room I have ever staged, and yet it was furnished in such an elegant way that I was immediately stricken by the beauty of its details. Needless to say that the leather loveseat was taking too much room, therefore we moved it to the office where we needed to create a seating area. Fortunately the seller had this gorgeous black leather chair that not only was allowing more room to walk around, but was also providing more contrast to the all-brown color palette. By introducing green with a tall plant and white with a floor lamp, we were able to create balance of color and proportion. But most of all, by placing the chair on a slight angle we added interest and broke the monotonous “square effect” of the room.

Home staging tip: “Be aware of the “square-effect” of a room. If possible, brake the monotony by placing at least one piece of furniture on an angle”.

Listing by Maria Danieli

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