Say your house has an unfinished attic like this one.

Now, say you want to turn it into a funky media room but your significant other prefers to turn it into an office. Today, with the new digital technology you can visualize both projects before making a final decision. Being able to see your design ideas come (virtually) to life way before demolition day or even before the selection of the materials is a great benefit as well as a huge time and money saver.

Virtual remodeling and interior design

As I mentioned before, virtual remodeling is a very effective tool for home owners. Not only it helps them visualize their home projects, but it helps them make up their mind if they have doubts or concerns about a particular design or style. It is a great way to show them different options for the same space. Taking the example above, this is how the attic would look if turned into a media room:

While this is how it would look if they decided to make it an office instead.

Virtual remodeling and real estate

Virtual remodeling can be applied to real estate as well. Actually, to tell you the truth, the images above were made for the listing of a cute little house that was about to go on the market. The house, besides being vacant, had this unfinished space. The realtor’s goal was to help potential buyers visualize how they could use this room. Therefore, we virtually remodeled it in two different ways. She then printed out the images and hung them on the wall in the room itself. The buyers appreciated the visual help and two weeks later the house was sold.

Does you home have an unfinished space that you would love to see rendered? Let’s talk!

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