Living room with view. Real estate photography- New Interior Solutions

Photo by Francesca Tosolini

Professional photography should always be part of every real estate professional’s marketing package. Nowadays the majority of buyers select online the properties they wish to visit. Poor pictures certainly do not attract the interest of buyers. They don’t want to waste their time to visit a property that doesn’t look appealing in the photos. This inevitably becomes a missed opportunity for both the seller and the real estate agent.

An image is indeed worth a thousand words. A beautiful photo not only shows the best features of a home but it can also convey a lifestyle. For this reason, the composition is important. Unlike interior photography, real estate photography does not focus so much on details but it focuses on a broader view of the interior of a home. It often gives some hints about the layout of the property, for example by showing how two rooms are connected. Some other times it reveals a beautiful view, which, as we know, is a great selling point.

In the photo above for example, with a single image, it is possible to describe not only the flow between one room and the other but also the fact that the condo is located on a higher floor. For a home buyer, it wouldn’t be too hard to picture themselves sitting on the terrace, sipping a glass of wine with some friends during the sunset. Quite a nice lifestyle, right?

Professional photography, along with staging, is therefore essential to attract the greatest number of visitors. If combined with a virtual tour as well, it also attracts the most serious and motivated visitors.

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