You might think that interior photography and real estate photography are the same thing. In reality, despite being part of the same family, they are two different disciplines.

The main goal of real estate photography is to present a property for sale. In a short amount of time, usually a couple of hours, the photographer creates images able to describe a property and its main features. Usually this is done using wide-angle lenses because with a single click it is possible to capture the whole room.

Interior photography, on the other hand, has a very different goal, namely to represent the work of an interior designer, an architect or a home stager. It is also used to create images of furniture, objects, finishes, and so on. For this reason it is more common to see close-up pictures rather than images of an entire room.

Interior photography is an essential marketing tool for the designer who wants to show their projects. It is also important for the architect who wants to emphasize the quality of a built-in piece, for example, or for the home stager who wishes to show prospective clients how they can transform an interior and sell their home faster and for more money. For this reason interior photography (or architectural photography) is very much a teamwork.

Even thought it is always better to hire a professional to take the photos for your portfolio, if you are in a little hurry or simply want a quick (but great) image for a blog post or social media, nowadays with a little knowledge and the right tools you can take incredibly good photos of interiors with your smartphone. Here are some examples:

Orange sideboard- New Interior Solutions

Table setting- New Interior SolutionsJapanese style living room- New Interior Solutions

These photos were taken using an iPhone and were edited with Snapseed, one the best photo editing apps available for both iPhones and androids.

If you would like to learn more about the subject, this mini course will help you learn the tips and tricks of taking beautiful photos of interiors without a professional DSLR, but with a simple smartphone. 60 pages of in-depth information along with 5 explanatory videos will take your smartphone photography to the next level! Besides, if you buy it during the month of November you can also get a 30% discount using this code NOVPROMO-30

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