This house sold in 8 days for $14,000 over asking price

Home staging tip: I’m sure everyone has often seen a console table in the foyer of a house, which makes perfect sense since it not only decorates the space but is also a useful surface where to place the keys or other small things. This is also the reason why stagers use this piece of furniture when they prepare a home for sale. However, the console table is not the only solution to complete the look of a foyer, in fact, a valid alternative to it is the bench. The bench not only completes the decor of a room, but it is also a practical seat for potential buyers who come to visit the house and who prefer to sit down to take off their shoes or to wear the booties provided by the agent. Besides, benches come in so many different styles that it is quite easy to find one that is in line with the decor of a house. And last but not least, many times they are less expensive than console tables, whether you want to rent them or buy them.

Home staging by Francesca Tosolini
Listing by Phil Jones (Coldwell Banker Danforth)
Photos by Francesca Tosolini
Furniture and accessories by Staging and Design Network

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