Thinking about the demographic

  Home staging tip: When you stage a property, always think about the demographic, meaning, ask yourself who will most likely buy the place. A family? A young couple? Empty nesters? After you have defined that, stage the property accordingly and choose furniture and accessories in line with that specific demographic. For this staging, the demographic […]

This decor solution works great in home staging

  Home staging tip: Decorative balls are a very versatile item to decorate a staged home because you can use them grouped on a tray on a coffee or dining table, you can place them on top of a book in a bookcase (as in the photo) or even on a fireplace mantel along with some vases. […]

Why windows should always be accessible

  This house sold in 38 days for full price Home staging tip: As a rule of thumb, whenever possible, windows should always be accessible. Buyers like to look out the windows to learn more about the property neighborhood. Besides, sometimes the window itself and what’s outside of it become an incredible focal point, like in this case where […]

Sofa facing the fireplace or not?

  Home staging tip: When I stage a property, first I visualize which furniture to use and second how to place them. Most of the time my initial idea works, however sometimes it happens that, eventually, I realize that more options are applicable in which case I try to understand what’s the best solution. For this staging, for […]

How to stage with a limited budget

  Home staging tip: As you can imagine, staging on a budget has its limitations. The easiest options are not available and you need to become incredibly creative trying to find a way to use in the best way possible the furniture and accessories that are at your disposal. When you have to stage an occupied home […]

A different kind of seating arrangement

  This house sold in 13 days for $4,000 over asking price Home staging tip: If you happen to stage a living room that is open only on one side, like in this case, consider using a loveseat and two accent chairs for the seating arrangement. Compared to sofas and armchairs, loveseats and accent chairs are less expensive […]