Home staging tip: When I stage a property, first I visualize which furniture to use and second how to place them. Most of the time my initial idea works, however sometimes it happens that, eventually, I realize that more options are applicable in which case I try to understand what’s the best solution. For this staging, for example, the options were to either have the sofa facing the fireplace (and showing its back) or to place it along the corner window and have two chairs in front of it in order to open up the room. From a design point of view, both solutions actually work, however, in my opinion when it comes to home staging it is always better to choose an arrangement that emphasizes the space and creates a good flow within the room. This is why I eventually decided to go with option n. 2, as you can see in one of my previous posts.

Home staging by Francesca Tosolini
Listing by Ed Menke (Windermere)
Photos by Francesca Tosolini


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