Home staging in Belleve WA

This is a situation that I’ve seen so many times: the back of the sofa blocking the entryway to the family room. Personally, I can understand this choice because the most natural way to watch the TV is sitting in front of it. But if you have to sell your house, this arrangement has to be avoided: it makes the room feel smaller, it hides the fireplace (selling point) and surely it doesn’t welcome the visitor.

Home staging tip: “”Dissect the sectional” in order not to show its back, and hide the imperfections of the sides with throws and pillows”.

Listing by Beth Billington

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  1. I am moving into a townhouse from a much bigger family home .I have 3,2,1 seater bulky burgundu leather coaches …any siggestion to use the in a living room windo is northfacing slidingbdoor to a little stoep and sml garden

    1. Hello, I would need to see the floor plan of the new living room and a photo of the couches to get a better understanding.

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