The best real estate agents are those who do everything they can to list their properties in the best way possible. They make sure their homes are clean, well furnished and without major flaws. In addition, they also ensure that their listings have accurate and attractive professional images that help increase the visibility of the house or the condo they are trying to sell. But what else can they do to improve a listing and therefore differentiate themselves from the competition? In my opinion, there are two things they should focus on.

1. Embrace new technology and apply it to real estate
Today more and more agents are using virtual tours to represent a property. The benefits that these offer are many, however the main one is to immerse the visitor in a virtual reality that accurately reflects the real world. With a virtual tour the buyer can literally walk inside a house and see not only all the rooms but also the flow from one room to another, which is something that a photo, static by nature, cannot transmit. This, as a result, generates serious and qualified leads.

2. Put the new technology in the foreground
Although it is undeniable that virtual tours are an innovation at the moment, they are of little use if they are not displayed in the right way. Too many times I have seen real estate agents request a virtual tour and then put it at the bottom of the list of images. The virtual tour should be the first image the user sees. Here is an example of how the listing page should look:

How realtors can win more listings

As you can see, the virtual tour is the very first image that is shown. I can assure you the viewer will definitely click on that arrow. Here’s what happens when they do:

This is the virtual tour of a beautiful and unique home in Woodinville, WA, which I did using the Matterport technology. For this listing the realtor asked me to provide a complete marketing package of home staging, professional photos, virtual tour and related floor plans. The listing generated incredible interest. Three offers and a month later, the house was sold.

I would be happy to help you win more listings and to provide the most immersive and visually engaging property marketing. Contact me, let’s chat!



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