Home staging tip: There are a few suggestions to follow when arranging the bookshelves around a fireplace of a house for sale.
-remove all the personal photos (to depersonalize the space)
-leave some shelves empty (there’s no need to overfill the shelves)
-possibly, use only hardcover books (they look more elegant than their soft counterpart) and place them both horizontally and vertically.
-use some greenery (fake is good, as long as it looks real)
-try to create some symmetry (like the two ducks on top)
-last but not least, don’t be afraid to leave not only the mantel empty but also the space above it. There is already so much going on on the bookshelves that some empty space brings some balance and calm.

Home staging by Francesca Tosolini
Listing by Maria Danieli
Professional photographer unknown, please contact me for credits

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