3D renderings create a lifelike image of a property, and they can be extremely helpful in envisioning what your future home could look like without having to physically create it first. Although the technology has been around for some time, it is only recently that it has become widely available and affordable for businesses and individuals alike. 

The benefits of architectural renderings for realtors and developers

Realtors and developers are always looking for new ways to market properties and attract buyers.  The benefits of architectural visualizations are numerous, but some of the most notable include:

  • The ability to make changes and adjustments before committing to a physical product.
  • The creation of highly realistic images that can be used for marketing and promotional purposes. 
  • The convenience of providing potential buyers with a much better idea of what they’re purchasing. 
  • The advantage of identifying potential architectural and structural problems early on. 
  • The possibility to secure funding or gain approval from local authorities in an easier way.

How a Seattle realtor used 3D renderings for a DADU project

I recently created some 3D renderings to help a talented local realtor, Ryan Gillis, market a property with an underutilized backyard where it was possible to build two Detached Auxiliary Dwelling Units (DADUs). As you may know, the Seattle housing crisis has made it difficult for many people to find affordable houses. Ryan’s goal was to show the potential of the property and illustrate how it could help address the city’s need for more housing.

View of a rendered DADU from the back alley- Seattle

View from the back alley

In this case, not only the renderings can be especially helpful in showing how the two DADUs would look in the backyard of an existing home but also what they would look like from different angles, providing a clear visual of the potential benefits.

DADU projet in Seattle- 3D rendering

View from the South. We also recreated the existing brick house which is visible on the left.

Seattle DADU project rendered in 3D

View from the South-West. The project was about building two DADUs in a big backyard.

2 DADUs in a Seattle backyard. 3D visualization

View from the South-East. The backyard had room not only for the two new buildings but also for parking.

As the demand for DADUs continues to grow, more and more realtors are using these renderings to market them.

3D rendering technology is changing the real estate industry as we know it. It’s becoming easier and faster for agents to create photorealistic images of properties, and this is having a huge impact on how buyers view and purchase homes. Have you ever used architectural visualizations in your own projects? If not, now may be the time to start. Contact me and let me tell you more about how this exciting technology can help you sell homes faster and for a higher price. I would love to talk with you about your project and see how we can use 3D renderings to make it even more successful.

And if you’re thinking about selling or buying a property in the Seattle area, contact Ryan today!

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