The color of your bedroom walls can have a huge impact on how well you sleep. While most people are aware that light colors can make a room appear brighter, not as many know that dark paint colors can also be beneficial, especially when it comes to getting a good night’s rest.

Let’s look at why painting your walls a darker color is beneficial for helping you catch some Z’s.

A Dark Room is Good for Your Health

The color of your bedroom walls can affect the quality and duration of your sleep. Studies show that darker hues tend to have a calming effect, which helps promote better sleep. Furthermore, those who slept in dark rooms also reported feeling more rested upon awakening than those in lighter-colored rooms. Having a dark room aids in improving the quality of your sleep as our brains naturally produce melatonin when exposed to darkness, which helps us to relax and fall asleep faster. Additionally, darkness helps us keep our circadian rhythm in check, which helps us become more productive during the day.

SW Darkroom 7083

SW Darkroom 7083- Dark and deep purple with some black in it (HGTV color of the year 2023)

Dark Colors Create a Cozy Atmosphere

In addition to its health benefits, painting your bedroom walls with dark colors also creates an atmosphere that promotes relaxation and peacefulness. Darker shades have a calming effect on the mind and body, making them perfect for providing an ideal setting for sleeping or just relaxing after long days at work or school. With this kind of atmosphere in place, it will be much easier to unwind before bed and fall asleep quickly once you hit the pillow.

SW Urban Bronze 7048

SW Urban Bronze 7048- Dark gray with some warm brown undertones (SW color of the year 2021

Paint Color Ideas

If you’re looking for ideas on which dark paint colors to use, here are some suggestions: navy blue, charcoal grey, forest green and deep purple are all great options for creating a relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom. These rich tones will create an inviting environment without feeling too overwhelming or oppressive. Plus, these colors will add visual interest and warmth to any space—which is always nice!

SW Naval 6244

SW Naval 6244- A dark and deep navy blue 

Painting your bedroom walls with darker shades is an effective way to promote better sleep quality and duration at night. Not only do dark paint colors create a calming atmosphere but they also add visual interest and warmth to any space. So if you’re looking for ways to improve the amount (and quality) of restful hours you get each night—dark paint colors are definitely something worth considering!

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