Most of the time the way I stage a property comes naturally, due to the fact that most floor plans don’t allow you to arrange the furniture in too many ways. However, sometimes I encounter true challenges, especially when the rooms are bigger and open to other rooms. Take this one for example.

How to stage a room open on two sides


This room was open to the kitchen, which is the angle from where I took the photo. The biggest challenge here was to find the right placement for the sofa and the chair, taking into consideration that the buyer was going to look at the family room from two different angles: from the kitchen and from the hallway, as you can see in the photo below.


Staging a family room which is open to the hallway


This is what I focused on and eventually accomplished:
1. To see a nice view of the family room from both the hallway and the kitchen.
2. To avoid to show too much of the back of the furniture. This is why I placed the sofa in an angle by the window and used a throw for the back of the chair.
3. To create more room and flow between the two rooms.
4. To facilitate the task of the photographer and allow him to take photos that would have highlighted the room (and not the furniture).
5. To show that with this arrangement it was still possible to comfortably watch the TV (never underestimate this, especially when it comes to family rooms).

As you can see, home staging is pure marketing after all!

Home staging tip: “When staging a room, think about every aspect of it: the functionality, the first impression, the space, the flow, the photos and so on”

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