Lately, I’ve been asked by a broker (and dear friend of mine) if, besides real estate photography, I also provide real estate videos among my services. Well, I don’t, but I provide something that in my opinion is even better and that is Matterport 3D virtual tours. The main benefit of 3D virtual tours is that they give the viewer total control. I don’t know if this happens to you as well, but when I watch a real estate video I often find myself pressing the forward button or checking out how long the video is going to last. Not to mention when the video is just a collection of the same photos used for the MLS scrolling in front of your eyes with some music in the background. Honestly, I never understood the point of it. On the other hand, 3D virtual tours make you an active viewer because you decide what to watch, and more importantly, where in the house you want to virtually walk. Not to mention that it is a lot of fun! For the agents and the sellers, it is an added value to their listing. Realtors offer this new service to set them apart from the competition. With Matterport they can create an open house that is always accessible and that is also always perfectly staged.

Listing by Rick McGuire (Coldwell Banker Bain)
Matterport by Francesca Tosolini

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