Home staging tip: “The door at the right of the photo was the entry door for this condo in Bellevue WA. As you can imagine, the first thing one could see when entering into the unit was the back of the loveseat and of the leather recliner, which generated a sort of “wall”, definitely not advisable if you want to create a positive first impression. For this reason, we decided to place the sofa in a way that was not only going to open up space but was also going to show just the side of it, lightly disguised by a fern, instead of a bulky back. In the meantime, the loveseat, the glass sofa table, the leather chair and the glass side table were removed, reducing the number of pieces from seven to three and improving the flow of the room”.

Home staging by Francesca Tosolini
Listing by Rick McGuire
Professional photography by Francesca Tosolini


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