Home staging tip: Living in a staged house is not easy, because you need to give up some of your comforts and routines. However, if you are lucky enough, that usually lasts a very short time. This house had too many pieces of furniture placed in a family room that was too small for all of them to properly fit. The comfy black chair with ottoman was one of the first items to be removed because it had nothing to do with the living room set and it was placed in a spot that was blocking the way into the room. This was one of the above-mentioned comforts that had to go. We also removed the two extra chairs at the two ends of the table because they were taking too much space (first, make sure to ask how many people live in the house, since you don’t want to store chairs that are actually needed). The red armchair was pushed a little bit more against the wall to open up the space and, for the same reason, we also removed the rug under the table (rugs can shrink a space).

Home staging by Francesca Tosolini
Listing by Alicia Reid
Photos by Francesca Tosolini

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