A few months ago I did a color consultation in Sammamish, WA. J. needed my help find the right color for her home, since she thought it was time to get rid of the white paint that was virtually in every room of her house. Generally speaking white is a safe color, but it could also be very tricky: it could be either cold or warm, it works in some rooms, but it looks boring in others.

J.’s house had a color palette of browns, greens, and deep reds, and since she mentioned that she liked warm colors, we started considering specific hues like creams, yellows, tans, browns and (some) greens. The first step was to select a bunch of colors that J. loved. What I did was showing her large samples of color to see her reaction. To do so, I used the Devine Color paint samples, which are 8″ by 11″ oversized sheets painted with real paint.

Eventually J. picked “Sumatra”, from the Espresso Blend collection:

It is a warm and neutral color, exactly what she was looking for.

After a couple of weeks J. sent me the photos of her freshly painted house. Here’s the dining room after the painting:

Now the room really looks cozier and warmer. But most importantly J. and her family were really happy with the color selection, and I was too. Choosing the right color is often scary, and knowing that I was able to help someone doing it has been really rewarding.

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