Have you ever wanted to get a sneak peek at what a new building will look like before it’s even built? Thanks to CGI technology, that’s now possible!

Recently, I had the opportunity to work with my wonderful team on a project where we took a drone tour of a traditional villa that was being replaced by a modern building. The tour started with breathtaking aerial views of the villa as it stands today, nestled in the lush green landscape.

But then, things got really interesting. As the drone flew around the site, a CGI overlay was added to the video, showing the new building taking its place. It was like watching a virtual time lapse of the construction process, except it was all happening right before our eyes.

The new building was a sight to behold. Its sleek, modern design stood in stark contrast to the traditional villa, and it was clear that it was going to make a big impact on the surrounding landscape

The benefits of applying CGI technolgy to drone videos

But the benefits of using CGI technology for builders and developers go far beyond just giving us a unique perspective on what the final product will look like. It can also help them plan and visualize the construction process, identify potential issues before they happen, and even give them a better idea of how the building will fit in with its surroundings.

By seeing how a building would look in its natural context, developers are able to effectively consider the landscape during the planning process and better understand the impact on their environment. Real estate developers should take full advantage of this technology as it can be extremely valuable in terms of making decisions or presenting projects to investors. 

CGI visuals provide developers with an accurate but prettier version of reality – which is why visualizing projects with CGI has become an integral part of today’s real estate industry. By considering the natural beauty of plants, trees, and other features in this way, developers will be able to create projects that are both functional and beautiful in equal measure.

This new technology gives you a glimpse into the future of building and construction. And with the help of CGI, builders and developers can bring their visions to life in a way that was once unimaginable.

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