Blending Styles: How I Mixed and Matched My Kitchen Cabinets

Cosentino Ethereal Glow

My kitchen’s story began with orange oak cabinets that were all the rage two decades ago. As trends evolved, these cabinets began to look old-fashioned, inspiring me to dream of a space that was both modern and timeless. For this reason, I embarked on a journey of creating a unique, dual-tone, and dual-style design that […]

Trending Kitchen Wall Paint Colors: Revealing Homeowner Favorites

SW 6334 Flower Pot

Well, well, well, looks like someone’s in the middle of a kitchen remodeling adventure. Yes, that someone is none other than yours truly.  We’ve already picked out the kitchen cabinets and the counter, but now we’re trying to decide on the color for the walls. In my quest for inspiration, I dove headfirst into the […]

What is holistic interior design?

What is Holistic Interior Design

You may have heard the term “holistic interior design” thrown around but what does it actually mean? In short, holistic design takes into consideration the whole person when designing a space. This includes not only the physical environment but also the emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being of the occupants. It is based on the belief […]