How to freshen up the look of a bathroom before selling your home

Neutral master bathroom

Drag the arrow left and right to see the before and after image Brass is indeed coming back into fashion, however, that doesn’t mean that it’s the same brass of the 80s. The brass items found on the market today have a more modern shape and most of the time they have a matte finish. […]

Mismatching chairs? Yes and… no

Dining room

Drag the arrow left and right to see the before and after image Home staging tip: I’m sure that by looking at these two photos you’ll see many differences, the paint color (once baby blue, now a neutral off white), the art on the walls, less clutter and different furniture. And that’s exactly what today’s […]

How to increase the perception of space when you stage a house

Mid-century dining room

Click and drag the arrow left and right to see the before and after image Home staging tip: A few months ago I visited this beautiful mid-century modern home in Seattle to work with the client on a staging consultation. That’s right, in my opinion, staging consultations are never a one-way approach. I consider them a collaboration […]

The fireplace focal point

Bonus room in the basement

  Home staging tip: Fireplaces are important features of a house. This is why it is important to show them as best as possible. The first thing to do is to declutter their mantel and to remove the fireplace tools (which, as I was taught during the staging course I took years ago, are considered a weapon). […]

The dilemma of secondary bedrooms

Secondary bedroom

  Home staging tip: To stage or not to stage, that is the question, and more specifically, to stage or not to stage secondary bedrooms. Usually, my answer is always no, unless the property is quite small and has only two bedrooms, and by that, I mean the master bedroom and one regular bedroom. But even […]

Selling a house and giving up some furniture in the process

Main bedroom

  Home staging tip: We all know that selling a house is no picnic, especially if you have been living in it for many years. Besides the emotional stress, homeowners have to deal with packing, decluttering, cleaning, fixing, painting and so on. It is a long to-do list, and many times it’s a list that sellers […]