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One thing that I’ve noticed after working with my realtor clients for so many years, is their concern about how to present properties that for a reason (furniture) or the other (architecture) look outdated. The easiest approach to this problem is, of course, to remove all the furniture and accessories and to replace them with some new, more modern ones. However, this is not always possible, either because the seller still lives in the house or because the budget doesn’t allow it.

For this property, in particular, I was asked to give suggestions about how to spice it up by using some of the seller’s furniture and accessories and some of the realtor’s. Eventually, we moved things around and came up with a nice plan. However, I couldn’t stop wondering how the room would have looked with a different fireplace, furniture, and flooring. Not to mention the TV: how many buyers would find it weird to place the TV in a lower cabinet?

For this room particularly, it was natural to imagine the TV hung above the fireplace which not only looked outdated but also had a mantel that was too high for a flat screen TV. This is why I decided to digitally render the room, and this is how it can potentially look with all these modifications.

Do you have a room that you’d like to remodel, but that you’d prefer to render before finalizing the project, in order to avoid costly mistakes? Let me know, I can help!


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