I recently had the pleasure to work with a client who wanted to remodel her laundry room along with her adjacent powder room. After listening to her needs and tastes, I started working on the visualization of the interiors. In the end I presented 10 different options for the layout along with 10 different furnishing ideas.

This is the magic of the new technology wave of digital visualizations: you can continue changing your interiors, even for small details, until you have found the ideal solution.

During the development of the project my client and her family welcomed a new puppy.

Personally, I don’t have any pets, but most of my friends have at least one dog. Therefore, even if indirectly, I know that having a new dog is pretty much like having a new baby at home. Your life changes radically and you go through many adjustments. Inevitably these changes are reflected in the way you live in your house. As a matter of fact, one day my client asked me if I could incorporate a dog wash station into the project.

Before receiving this request I didn’t really know what a dog washing station was. I mean, the name certainly gives you some clues, but I never saw one in person. For this reason I became curious and I started collecting information to better understand how they are made. At the same time, my client sent me some inspirational photos which helped a lot for the 3D rendering development.

Now I can say with confidence that dog washing stations are a brilliant idea. Sometimes I wonder if it wouldn’t have been nice to have one when the kids were younger. I think I would have used it so many times after the afternoons at the park or at the beach!

This is the rendering of the laundry room where you can clearly see how the dog washing station was incorporated into the design:

3D rendering of a laundry room with dog washing station- New Interior Solutions

If you take a look at the floor plan you can see how the dog wash station is adjacent to the garage door. This means that the dog would literally pass from the car to the garage to the shower. How great is that?

Floor plan of a laundry room with dog washing station- New Interior Solutions

In the end my client decided not to proceed with this solution because it took away too much space from the laundry room. We would have had to remove an entire cabinet to accommodate the shower and that was going to compromise the functionality of the entire room.

In spite of this, I think it’s still a fantastic idea to see how a house project can develop and then decide whether or not it is really worth executing it. This is something that can be done by visualizing an interior before changing it and one of the most cost effective ways to do it is through the creation of 3D renderings. Besides, it’s a lot of fun! Let me know if you want to give it a try, I’m here to help!

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