Playing around with abstract art

Turquoise in the office

  This house sold in 8 days for $14,000 over asking price Home staging tip: See the two abstract paintings by the window? I’ve had them literally for years. And guess what? I have four of them! Why? Well, first of all, they are chocolate brown, which is a classic and neutral color that goes with […]

Home staging trick: how to decorate with (open) books

Office staged

  Home staging tip: When you stage an office it is pretty standard to use books, either on a bookshelf or on the desk. If you use them on a bookshelf you typically stack them side by side, or one on top of the other, however, if you use them on a desk (or on a coffee […]

Watch the cords!

  This house sold in 46 days for $3,000 over asking price Home staging tip: If you look at this picture you probably wonder why we decided to place the desk at a slight angle in the center of the room instead of parallel to the wall with art. The reason is simple: we needed to […]

The versatile reading nook

  Home staging tip: Furnishing a room by creating a reading nook is another versatile home staging practice, in addition to the placement of a desk and a chair as described in one of my previous posts. A reading nook can be set in an office (like in this case), in a bedroom, in a family […]

The office desk

  Home staging tip: Office desks should be free of clutter and display only the very essential, that is the monitor(s), the keyboard, the mouse, the telephone and a lamp. If the printer is not used often, it should be stored as well as the shredder, the file holders, and any document. Bank statements and personal information should […]

Staging the bookshelves

Almost every house that I either stage or visit for a consultation has some sort of shelves: libraries, closets, kitchen pantries, china cabinets, which all need attention during the home staging process. Staging the shelves is not hard, although it is often time consuming. In my opinion, there are three main things to take into […]