How to choose where to place the TV in home staging

  Home staging tip: When it comes to choosing where to install a prop TV when staging a house, look for the cable outlet and any other indication of a potential TV placement, such as the electrical outlet in the middle of the wall. This will also help you place the furniture accordingly. Home staging […]

Placing the rug diagonally within a room

  Home staging tip: Place a rug diagonally within a squared room, not only to fill more space but also to add a creative touch without compromising the visual balance of the room itself. Home staging by Francesca Tosolini Listing by Maria Danieli Photos by Francesca Tosolini

TVs should never be placed in front of windows

  Home staging tip: TVs should never be placed in front of windows when you get your house ready for the market. First of all, windows should always be accessible, and secondly, it gives the buyer the message that you don’t know where else to place the TV (lack of space?). Finally, decorating-wise, it just looks […]

How to use sectionals in home staging

  Staging tip: “I love sectionals. I think that some rooms are just meant to be used with a sectional in it. Take this media room for example. Even though the original sectional was too big to be used with all its pieces, we decided to remove the very end and disguise the side with a […]