Selling a house when you have cats

Bonus room with fireplace

  Home staging tip: Pets can complicate the selling process when a house is put on the market unless appropriate measures are taken. The main concern is their impact on the cleanliness and the smell of the home as well as the allergic reactions that some people can have to pet hair. Sometimes it happens that […]

Painting wood paneling

Painted wood paneling

  This house sold in 7 days for $69,000 over asking price Home staging tip: With its dark wood paneling and orange carpet, the room above was screaming 70’s. Fortunately, it wasn’t necessary to remove the wood paneling to provide a brighter and more updated look, because it can be easily painted. Not only that but […]


  Home staging tip: Simplify, simplify, simplify. When you home stage, try to keep only the essential, especially if the room is small. Home staging by Francesca Tosolini Listing by Patricia Mason Photos by Francesca Tosolini    

The flexibility of bonus rooms

  Staging tip: “The nice thing about bonus rooms is that they allow a great flexibility in terms of use and furnishing. This room, for example, was used by the owner as an office, but we decided to stage it as a lounge mainly for two reasons. First, to show the space without the distraction that computers, […]

Bonus rooms staged as playrooms

    Staging tip: “Bonus rooms are very versatile spaces. It is a good idea to stage them as playrooms so that kids can entertain themselves while their parents visit the property”. Here’s a global view:   Photos by Francesca Tosolini Listing by Penny Johnson

Framing a window with color

This is a clear example of how color can create contrast and consequently can enhance a design feature. Look at the window that is placed right in the middle of the wall. White light next to a white wall goes almost unnoticed. But if you take the same white light and you frame it with […]