Standing at the door

This photo was taken by standing at the door of this living room. My recommendation to the owners was to simply switch the placement of the furniture in order to show a wall with a more balanced ensemble and less clutter. We also added the second piece to the coffee table to make it look […]

Rugs can shrink a space

The layout that you see in the photo (dining room connected to the living room) is very standard. Every time that you have one room flowing into another it is important that both spaces have elements that tie them in. In this case the two rugs didn’t have much in common, since they had two […]

How I helped David sell his house in only one month!

I love to start my “Home staging how to” series with the photos of this staging, because its success translated into a big relief for the seller. And, as a home stager, you are happy when the seller is happy. Let me explain: this house was on the market for 8 months. It had a […]