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●Do you want to design a room but you don’t know where to start? 

●Do you have a couple of ideas but you are not sure if they are right?

●Do you want to actually see your project before construction starts? 

Cold feet? I can help! 🙌🏼

Here's how I helped some of my clients

J. wanted to turn her long and narrow upstairs family room into a mother-in-law space. Her requirements? A kitchenette, a bathroom, a queen bed, a sofa to watch TV and a desk. Her problem? She had no idea how to place all these items within the floor plan. I designed this solution for her and she loved it!

Mother-in-law suite 2

C. needed a photorealistic 3D rendering to help prospect buyers visualize his new construction. He thought that the blueprints and the elevation drawings weren’t enough to convey the style of this modern home. With this render, he was able to sell the property even before its completion!

3D render of a new home

K. wanted to install purple tiles in her kitchen but she was too afraid to do it since it is not a color you commonly see. She sent us a photo of her kitchen and we virtually installed the tiles for her. She liked it so much that she had no doubts about it anymore and did it!

Kitchen with purple tiles

J. is a realtor who needed a 3D Matterport virtual tour for his new listing in Seattle. Since the budget was tight, J. and the seller decided to virtually stage the tour itself instead of using a traditional staging service. By doing so they saved thousand of dollars and sold the house quickly!

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